Introducing TheNest: Gvahim’s new Business Accelerator

By | 29 January, 2016

Immigration is among the key factors which shaped Israel to become the Start-Up Nation. Immigrants are overrepresented among Israel’s business founders and innovators. Entrepreneurs by nature, often by choice but also out of necessity: Olim tend to choose the entrepreneurship path as it is harder for them to fulfill their potential on the job market.

Launching a business is no easy feat, but for immigrant entrepreneurs the task is even harder: language barriers, cultural differences, little knowledge of local laws, lack of understanding of the ecosystem and a general lack of network connections which are essential to business success.

Gvahim conducted surveys among the Olim community to better understand the needs of immigrant entrepreneurs.
Immigrants’ entrepreneurship rates are especially high in the engineering and technology sector. About a quarter of the entrepreneurs interviewed are working on or wishing to develop a technological venture. TheHive by Gvahim was created in 2011 to answer the needs of these entrepreneurs. With its two centers in Tel-Aviv and Ashdod, TheHive has already accelerated 73 startups in total 150 entrepreneurs from 26 different countries of origin.

TheNest, Business Accelerator for non-tech entrepreneurs is a new initiative, which aims to leverage the know-how methodology and network developed at TheHive, Gvahim’s start-up accelerator, to address the needs of non-tech entrepreneurs, who want to open and sustain small and medium businesses in Israel. The program developped in partnership with WIX provides a holistic approach, offering the participants, not only the professional training, skills, and tools needed to start their own business, but also the mentorship, network and community support, essential to the success of the entrepreneur. Throughout the program, the entrepreneurs will start building their company, defining and implementing their marketing strategy, finding the physical spaces or suppliers they need, drafting a business plan, etc. The program lasts twelve weeks and will take place in WIX Small Business Hub at Tel-Aviv Port. For more information or to apply: