Networking events

Successful entrepreneurship is all about connections. Besides the recurring meetings with lecturers, experts, entrepreneurs, investors throughout the program, we organize different types of events:

Meet & launch

One of the challenges of entrepreneurs is finding the right co-founder to start building a winning team. “Meet and launch” events is an occasion to meet potential team mates with complementary skills who share the same passion to develop a venture.

Mentors evening

During the Mentors evening, the entrepreneurs have a first occasion to pitch their startup in front of a professional audience, get advice and meet with additional potential mentors.


Gvahim and TheHive regularly organize conferences to increase knowledge around a specific subject or area and create additional networking opportunities.

Pitch Night

This event takes place at the end of the program after the entrepreneurs have validated their business model and received training and preparation. The audience includes high-profile professional and potential investors who will potentially be able to fund their next round.