Steering Commitee Ashdod

Sans titreYehuda Frenkel – Council Member, in charge of Industrial Development and Education

Yehuda Frenkel is a member of the Council of the City of Ashdod with an extensive experience in business and education enterprises.

He offers a broad experience in Ashdod’s industrial landscape and contributes to the city’s traditional as well as hi-tech businesses development.


Dr. Smadar Itskovich 
Head of Industry Development Division – Ashdod Municipality.

She offers a broad experience in aspects of business development, global marketing, operations and executive management.Smadar is a member of major public committees. Her qualifications and professional experience enable her to promote Ashdod municipality also globally by signing twin and sister cities agreements worldwide.


Yuval Mor – CEO at Beyond Verbal Communication

Yuval is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in managing early stage, hi-tech companies and taking them to successful exits.

Yuval studied computer science and economics in Tel-Aviv University and has a Msc. in Management from Stanford.


Assaf Harel – Managing Director at Galim – Business Development & Strategy

He founded Galim Business Development & Strategy in 2008 with the aim of capitalizing on the on-going energy and innovations emerging from the Israeli market.His primary goal is to create new business opportunities by creating synergies between the global market and Israeli technological innovation.


Michael Morris – Patent Attorney and Head of Yagod Morris & Associates

He is the Head of Yagod Morris & Associates, providing services in drafting patents, expert opinions, IP management, client counseling and presenting for clients to potential investors. Michael has a diverse and hands-on background in science, technology and education, having worked previously as a physicist, computer programmer, developer of educational programs, teacher and researcher.